Toneleria Herfe
  Le We present Herfe Cooperage, a family business dedicated Murcia for more than 25 years crafting of barrels of aging.
    Our purpose is to know about our facilities over and invite them if you like tocontact us. It will be a pleasure to welcome you personally.
    Also we realized decoaración with barrels and barrels of restaurants, cottages,cider houses, taverns, etc ...
    We have the knowledge and help of our master coopers, respecting our tradition oflimited manufacturing of barrels, to reach full perfection demanded by the art of cooperage.
    Company dedicated to the manufacture of barrels, Tonelería Herfe a family company located in Murcia, dedicated for more than 25 years to the artisan manufacture of aging barrels, for wines and distillates.
We have the knowledge and help of our master coopers, respecting our tradition in the limited manufacture of barrels, to achieve the maximum perfection required by the art of cooperage.
Currently Tonelería Herfe is located in the Industrial West Sector of Alcantarilla of the Region of Murcia, these facilities will allow us to reach our objective of meeting the needs and demands of the wine sector. With the following scope:
"Barrel Manufacturing"
The management of TONELERIA HERFE, is committed to implement and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 9001 standard and especially to:
• We work to exceed the expectations of our Clients, timely fulfilling their needs and requirements. We have a committed and trained team that ensures compliance with product specifications and continuous improvement of processes, supported by the Quality Management System.
• To systematically and periodically define, review and update the compliance with this policy, this policy provides a frame of reference for the establishment of the objectives and goals described, as a means to achieve Continuous Improvement.
• Plan the different training activities so that their workers receive the necessary knowledge for the fulfillment of their duties and the professional enrichment of them.
• Establish the necessary communication and information mechanisms so that all the members of the organization are involved in quality management.
• Compliance with the Legal and Regulatory Requirements that TONELERIA HERFE subscribes will also be carried out, and even raise that compliance beyond those requirements.
-   Esta empresa ha recibido una subvención de la Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia mediante la financiación del Gobierno de España, para el apoyo a la solvencia empresarial en respuesta a la pandemia de la covid-19 .