Toneleria Herfe
Herfe cooperage is a family business founded in 1970 in the Murcian town ofAguilas, which are still made today still an important part of our annual production and completely handmade. Today is the second generation of the family Herfe dedicatedexclusively to the production of oak barrels, from wood from the United States, France and Hungría.Debido to increased production and expansion policy Herfe, in 2001 , new factory was built on a plot of 3,500 m2, of which 1,100 m2 are factory halland the rest of the area is devoted to timber park. For the next enlargement hasacquired over 4,000 m2 in a timber attached to the park. The annual production is 9,000 Herfe Cooperage barrels, being able to manufacture up to 12,000 barrels, but due to artisanal manufacturing system, the company did not want to force the pace of production, as our policy is not to increase production at the expense of quality. Of the 9,000 barrels are manufactured at the new facility 6,000 and the rest in the former premises of Eagles where he began Herfe Cooperage.
Currently, our production is destined mainly barrels most of the names of Spanishorigin, with the cellars of Castilla La Mancha, our main customers with 35% of our production, 60% spread between the names of Rioja, Ribera de Duero, Utiel-Requena, Jumilla, Yecla and Ribera del Guadiana and the remaining 15% going for export (France, Germany and Japan).
Within our exports, worth to mention our "joint venture" with a French cooperageMedoc area, where we send American oak and French, with the characteristics ofFrench oak barrels. We are also approved by several Japanese distilleries for the manufacture of barrels of 450 liter American oak casks sending 650 annually for the breeding of sake.